«The trouble is, after a while, a sick friend is a boring friend»

Sue von Diary of a Benefit Scrounger schreibt:

«(…) At first, a sick friend is a brave friend. New acquaintances gape at your drug drawer or hear your medical stories with horror. They marvel as you dislocate your own wrist or shove a needle deep into your own thigh. The trouble is, after a while, a sick friend is a boring friend. You can’t make that long-planned spa weekend or 30th birthday party or meticulously planned wedding. You stay in bed too much, you can’t do the housework or eat the meal a friend has carefully cooked for you.

You forget birthdays. (Though if anyone had asked, you probably couldn’t remember your own name that day). You can’t work and have to make the best of it with a wall to wall diet of daytime TV. If you’re really lucky, like me, your partner eases quietly into becoming your carer (again) and has to bring you meals and cups of tea and change your sheets and take over the childcare.

Weeks go by, months even and you disappear from view. No school runs, no days out, no trips to the park, no weekends away and you don’t even notice. Your focus has shifted. All that matters is „I must survive this“ (again) You don’t notice that the phone has stopped ringing or the doorbell is quiet.

Later, when the crisis has passed a little you take stock : Alive? Check. Roof still over head? Check. Friends? Not so much.

Every single time, someone, somewhere will have slipped away. You realise they haven’t popped in for coffee. You realise the phone never rang. Soon enough you hear why and though it hurts less over the years, it never quite stops hurting altogether.(…)»


(…) If people who know me and see me vomit and see the tube in my nose or the needle in my leg decide that chronic illness is just an excuse to lie about the place like Victoria Beckham on a Malibu beach, then what hope do I have of persuading the cabinet that people like me should be considered in the benefit system? Or helped into work? Or treated with compassion and understanding.

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  1. I dont understand your words. Why do you write in English? And whats your opinion about all that?

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